Album : Overwhelmed

Lazada Philippines

Below is my latest appload . To God be the glory and I speak blessings to everyone.


Picture source : www.independentbands.com

Music track available here : http://www.rhapsody.com/darlenezschech/overwhelmed ( US Only )

Track listing

  1. SIMPLY WORSHIP” (words and music: Steve McPherson & David Moyse)
  2. HEAR OUR PRAYER” (words and music: Tanya Riches)
  3. NO MORE THAN A HEARTBEAT AWAY” (words and music: Reuben Morgan)
  4. OVERWHELMED” (words and music: Darlene Zschech)
  5. YOU’RE IN MY HEART” (words and music: Morgan)
  6. JESUS, OUR LORD JESUS” (words and music: Russell Fragar)
  7. LET YOUR KINGDOM COME” (words and music: Fragar)
  8. “Grace” (instrumental; music: Moyse & Paul Iannuzzelli)
  9. KEEP FALLING IN LOVE” (words and music: Scott Haslem)
  10. SPRING OF LIFE” (words and music: Paul Ewing)
  11. FOR THE LORD IS GOOD” (words and music: Morgan)
  12. ABBA, FATHER” (words and music: Zschech)

Genre : Contemporary Christian

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  1. cristian delac cruz Said,

    March 11, 2009 @ 8:59 pm

    the songs are very inspiring, its message really touch my heart, I learned how To worship Him the way God made me for His purpose and for His glory. Thanks for this album, it is very simple but it can cause everyones heart to be lead in the very presence of our Almighty God…Praise Him


    admin Reply:

    @cristian delac cruz,

    You are most welcome 🙂


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