All That I Need

Lazada Philippines

Bm        A              G           D/F#
There is one thing that I know I will do,
      Em     Em/A        D  D2
I will be holding on to You.
             Bm          A6
And when the dark clouds come
    G                   D/F#
And bring down the rain,
        Em          Em/A           D     G/B   A/C#
I know that You will sustain me Lord.

D    A       Bm7        G
Your love is all that I need,
G        D/F# Em7      G/B   A/C#
All that I need, all that I need.
D    A         Bm7        G
Your love is all that I need,
Em7       A7sus A7 D
All that I need  is You.

Jesus You know what’s inside of my heart,
When I am coming apart at the seams.
But that’s when my true colours
Come shining through,
I know that You are the One for me.

©1992 Maranatha! Music  

Words and Music by Dan Marks

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