Alleluia Lord My God

Lazada Philippines

D       Bm7     G     Bm A
    Alleluia, alleluia, Lord my God.
    D       Bm7     G     A    D
    Alleluia, alleluia, Lord my God.

        D             F#m7
I will praise Your holy name
          Em        A
As long as I have life and breath.
        D               F#m7
I will tell how You were raised,
        G        D  A
Over the power of death.

I will bow down at Your feet,
Waiting to know Your holy will.
I will rest and be complete,
For You said, "Peace be still".

©1995 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Mercy / Vineyard Publishing)

Words and Music by Danny Daniels

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