Lazada Philippines

(Matthew 28:20)


F Bb

I love to sing Your praises,

C F Bb – C

My sweet Savior


And remind my heart

Bb Gm7 Csus – C- Gsus/C – C

Of what You’ve done for me;

F Bb

When I think of all the ways

C Dm C – Bb

That You’ve been faith -ful,

F/A Gm7

I rejoice to know

Bb/C F Bb/F – F (N.C.)

That’s how You’ll always be.


C Bb/C

Always, for – ever and ever,

F/A Bb

You will be my God,


You will always be

Gm7 C (N.C.)

The Shepherd of my soul;

C2/E Bb2/D

Always, for-ev – er and ever,

F/C Bb

You will be my God,

F/C Bb/C

You will always be the same,

F/C Bb/C

And for – ev – er You will reign,

F/A Dm7 Gm7

I will live to praise Your name,

Bb/C F

Al – ways.

(Repeat All)


Album: We Draw Near

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