(2 Kings 2:9)    

           GM7   F#m7   Bm7     Em7       G/A                           
    A – noint – ing,    fall on  me,    
         A/G     F#m7    Bm7     Em7        G/A                              
    A – noint – ing     fall on  me;
         A                    C/D                 
    Let the power
    Of the Holy Ghost  
           GM7            C9        
    Fall on me
                      Bm7       E9      G/A         D                             
    A – noint – ing    fall on me.    
    (Repeat Chorus)

         F#m7                  Bm7           
             Touch my hands
                         Em7                        G/A                    
    My mouth,  and my heart,        
A/G-F#m            Bm7              Em7             G/A
              Fill my life, Lord,       every part;
        A                     Am7
              Let the power of
                        C/D                 D9/F#
    The Holy Ghost
             GM7        C9                 
    Fall on me,
             Bm7     E9       G/A        D     (GM7   A/G)           
    A – noint – ing    fall on me.
    (Repeat Chorus)   

    Let the power
    Of the Holy Ghost
    Fall on me
    Anointing fall on me                   
    Anointing fall on me

Album : Lift Him Up

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