(Joshua 24:15)    

                    Bb2/C        F2                   Dm7          
        As for me and  my house,
               Gm7                Bb/C                   F2 Dm7
        We will serve the Lord.           (O yeah!)
BbM7- F/A -Gm7 Bb/C       F2                   Dm7 
        As for me and my house,
          Gm7                Bb/C             D/E       F+/Eb
        We will serve the Lord.
      Am7/D                    Gm7
        We have counted the cost,
                 Am7                         Dm7
        We have made  a choice;
            Gm7                                 Am7           Dm7 
        We will follow our God and obey  His voice,
                  BbM7                          F/A                 Gm7 
        From this day and for the rest of my life,
         Bb/C                                     F –  Dm7 (Gm7 to trans.)
        We will serve the Lord.          
        (Transition:   Bb/C  –  F  –  Dm7  –  Csus/Eb )
Csus/F    F           DbM7  Eb2                   Bb2      F2/A
    We will  not  bow    to   another god,
                            Ab2                         Bb2             F2/C
    We will have no  other gods  but You;
        DbM7  Eb2                   Bb2     F2/A
    We will not  serve  two  mas – ters,
        DbM7                                   Eb/F
    We surrender  our  lives  to  You,
                   Ab/Bb           Gm7         Bb2/C    C/D  Am7 Gm7  
    We surrender our lives to You.  
    (Repeat Chorus & Verse)
    (Repeat Chorus)

     Bb/C                                     F    
    We will serve the Lord.    (3x)


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