As I Abide in You

Lazada Philippines

Verse 1:
D    G               A
You make my joy complete
   G   A       D
as I abide in You
     G             A
You fill my every need
   G   A       Bm
as I abide in You

          G              D          A
I will remain in You for all of my days
Bm         G           D/F#         A
You will shelter me as I give you praise

F  Bb2       F            C
I      will sing of your love
F  Bb2       F               C
I      will bring all of my love

Verse 2:
D    G             A
You answer every prayer
   G   A      D
as I abide in You
   G                  A
I feel your love and care
   G   A      Bm
as I abide in You

©1989 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by Brian Doerksen

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