Bring the Breaking

Lazada Philippines

E      B          A
Bring the breaking in me
C#m       B     A
    Reduce me to love
         E  B A                B
Let Your life now be lived through me
E         B          C#m  B  A
  And the walls come down

A            B
   Bring the breaking
A         C#m       B
   Please bring the breaking

E     B   
Jesus, be my one desire
    A          B C#m A
Purify me with holy fire
       E          B
Let my life bring glory to Your name
       C#m    B  A
Please change my heart
    C#m  B  A         E     B     A
And make me more like You

©1998 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by  Mercy / Vineyard Publishing)

Words and Music by Casey Corum

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