Captain of Heaven

Lazada Philippines

I hear in the distance the sound of your footsteps
E5                                   B
See all around me the signs of your hand
F#m                      E/G#
Feel my heart tremble–I see you approaching
   A          E/G#         F#m        B
I know deep inside you are not just a man

         E  B  A  B
You have come
        C#m  B  A  E/G#
You are here
  F#m         E/G#
I fall to my knees as the
A          B        E5
Captain of Heaven appears

I hear in your voice the sound of authority
E5                                  B
See in your hand the sword of your word
F#m                       E/G#
Feel my heart quicken–my questions are silenced
  A         E/G#          F#m  B
I know deep inside I must only obey

     A               E/G#
The first time you invaded my soul
   A                   E/G#
I wondered, are you a friend or a foe?
      E   B   A    B
But I see you now

©1994 Evanston Vineyard Music

Words and Music by John Willison

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