Carried Away

Lazada Philippines

A                       D/A
I have seen the Kingdom coming
E/A                       G   D
I have seen the Kingdom’s power
A                        D/A
I have seen you raise a dead man
E/A                        G     D
I have felt that life come into me

And I am
F#m       E            F#m  E
Carried away by your mercy

I am
F#m     E             F#m  E  E/G#
Overwhelmed by your power

A          D     E   D
What else can I do?
A          D     E    D
What else can I offer?
A  E   D
I bow down
A  E   D
I bow down
A  E   D
I bow down

I have seen you mend the broken
I have seen you break the proud
I have seen you love a sinner
I have felt that love come into me

©1994 Evanston Vineyard Music

Words and Music by John Willison

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