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(Matthew 6:14)

Verse 1: (in a shuffle) (W.L.)

Cm7/F Bb Am7(b5) D7

What we say to each oth – er

F/G Gm7 Em7(b5)

In an – ger a – lone,

Cm7 F EbM7/G F7/A Bb

Can eat a – way at the heart of our homes;

E7(b5) EbM7/G Dm7

The enemy searches for that

Cm7 Eb/F Bb

Which in time will des – troy

F/A Gm Gm9(+7)

The bless – ed un – ion

Gm7 Gm7/C C7sus C9 Eb/F Eb2/F

Our Lord God has joined. O, yes!


(Cong.) F Bb Cm/D D+ D7/F# Gm

So, we must choose, choose to for – give,

Dm/F Bb/F Eb Bb/D

Placing all pride aside,

C9 Bb2/D Em7(b5) Cm7/F Eb/G F/A Bb

And with His love de – cide to for – give,

Cm/D D+ D7/F# Gm

Choose to for – give;

Fm11 Bb Eb Bb/D

Life and blessing will reign


When we choose,

C2/E D7/F# Gm D7/A Gm/Bb Cm7

In His name to for – give,

Cm7/F Eb/F F7 Bb

Choose to for – give.

Verse 2:

Eb/F Bb (W.L.) Am7(b5)

O, in mo – ments of

D7 F/G Gm7 Em7(b5)

Mis – un – der – stand – ing and pain,

Cm7 F EbM7/G F7/A Bb

When awkward silence keeps us a – part;

E7(b5) EbM7 Dm7

If we’ll on – ly open the door,

Cm7 Eb/F Bb

His love will restore

F/A Gm Gm9(+7) Gm7

All the bro – ken – ness

Gm7/C C9 Eb/F Eb2/F

There in our hearts.

(Repeat Chorus)


Ab/Bb Bb EbM7 Dm7

For – give, for – give!

Gm7 Cm7 Cm9 Cm7/F Eb/F

O, let’s not hes – i – tate,

F Bb Fm7/C Bb/D

It’s never too late.

Bb EbM7 Am7(b5)

For – give, for – give!

D7(b9) Gm G2sus Gm Gm9

Peace and hea – ling will flow,

Eb/F Eb2/F

When forgiveness we show.

(Repeat Chorus)

Gm D7/A Gm/Bb Cm7

To for – give,

Cm7/F Eb/F F7 Bb

Choose to for – give.

Album : As for Me and My House

by : Rick Riso & Cathy Riso

Category: Integrity > Hosanna Music

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  1. perciva ca roman Said,

    March 24, 2011 @ 1:42 am

    i just love the music of rick and cathy but cant find it in cape town


  2. percival roman Said,

    April 4, 2011 @ 7:18 am

    I love the music of rick and cathy riso but cant find it in cape town want our youth to practise these songs on for me and my house


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