Cleanse My Lifted Hands

Lazada Philippines

            G                D/F#           Em
There’s a longing in my heart to see your glory.
           C                G/B                          Dsus  D
There’s a yearning in my soul to stand in the holy place.
           G               D/F#                       Em
There’s a growing need in me to ascend the hill most holy;
   C                 D   E/F#           G
a burning fire within to see your holy face.

    G          C          D
So cleanse my lifted hands
     G         C        D
and purify my broken heart
Em                D  C
Keep my soul from vanity
Em                    D    C
don’t let me speak deceitfully,
Em                 C  G             Dsus  D
that the King of Glory may enter in.

           G                  D/F#                Em
There’s a vision in our spirits to walk in full anointing,
    C                     G/B                        Dsus  D
to know Your blessing Lord, Your righteousness within.
           G                D/F#               Em
There’s a call upon our lives to stand in a generation
            C                  D    D/F#                G
that would seek your face alone and turn from flesh and sin.

©1995 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by David Ruis

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