Lazada Philippines

(Psalm 46:4)


F F (break)

Come to the River of Life

Bb/C F Eb/Bb Bb Dm – C

You will find heal – ing here

F F (break)

Come to the River of Life

Bb/C F Eb/Bb Bb C

Come and drink free – ly here

Dm Am

Come if your heart is searching

Gm7 BbM7/C C

Come if your soul is thirs – ty


Draw near and drink of the mercy

Bb/C- F Bb—- Bb/C F

Of Jesus Christ, at the River of Life

Verse I:

Bb C F

There is a river whose streams make glad

Bb Csus – C

The city of God, the city of God

Bb C Dm

So, come if you’re wounded or sad

Gm7 —— F/A Bb —- Bb/C

There is a river, there is a river

(Repeat Chorus)


C (drums fill) Bb F

It flows from the land of eternal light

Dm Bb C

There’s no more sorrow and no more night

Dm Am Bb

Into the hearts that are lifted to Him

Gm F/A Bb Bb/C

Filling His children again and again and again.

(Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Chorus last two lines)

Album : Rivers of Joy by Don Moen

Label : Integrity/Hosanna! Music

Genre : Contemporary Christian

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