Lazada Philippines

D             A                 Bm7 G A
Oh Lord, the great and awesome God,
D             A           Bm7
you keep your covenant of love
         A   G    A               Bm7    A       D    A
With all who love you and all who follow your commands

D               A              Bm7 A
Oh Lord, the great and awesome God,
G                 A           D
keep with us your covenant of love
            G    A         Bm7                    G
We are your people and the church that bears your name
             Bm7  Asus G
Oh Lord forgive us.
             Bm7  Asus G
Oh Lord forgive us.

D            A                 Bm7 G A D
Oh Lord, in keeping with your ways,
               A                Bm7
let your anger now be turned away
            A   G    A
For we are your people,
             Bm7        A         Bm7 A Bm7 A
we are the church that bears you name

Bm7             A        Bm7
We have sinned and done wrong,
    A     G      A             Bm7 A
we have turned away from your laws
Bm7                  A       Bm7
We have turned from your commands,
            G          A        Bm7
extend, oh Lord, your merciful hand

©1990 Mercy Music (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by Andy Park

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