Do It Again, Lord

Lazada Philippines

    G      D       G     C2     G    Dsus D
For You alone give life, You alone are worthy,
G        D     G  Em  G       D       G
You are God Almighty, You are all we need.
G       D         G
You can save Your church, Lord.
C2       G     Dsus D
You can bring revival.
G       D        G    C2 G         D  
Lead us up from here, do it again Lord.

G   C/G   G   C/G   G   C/G   G   C/G (Instrumental)

G            C/G  G               C/G
Do it again Lord, cause us to see,
G            C/G  G            
Do it again Lord, and set us free.
D      Dsus    D        C2
Let Your fire fall in power,
D       Dsus  D          C2
Let Your joy come with laughter,
       G2   C/G   G   C/G   G   C/G   G   C/G
Do it again.

Am7        G/B             C       D
  Bring Your healing and deliverance,
Em      G        D
  Let salvation come.
    Am    G/B      C         D   G   C/G   G   C/G  
Revive, renew Your church again.

D    D/C      D/B  D/A  C   Am       D
We desire Your presence, as never before,
    D/C     D/B D/A C     Am7         D
Lord come in power, as we ask for more. (x3)
        G   C/G   G   C/G   G  C/G   G   C/G
Do it again.

©1994 Rejoice Publishing & Pro

Words and Music by Jeremy Sinnott

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