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  1. garnette lumjod Said,

    September 14, 2011 @ 6:16 am

    Prayer Request
    I have been struggling to start studying for my lincensure exam for Occupational therapy on Feb 2012. When I started college i failed as early as my first year in 3 subjects in our second semester afterwhich in Summer our family had a great financial struggle. My father for the first time did not win since he filed for a candidacy as a Vice Mayor in our place and since it is his first time he did not win. this added to my struggle & trials. I could really say IT WAS VERY TRAUMATIC FOR ME AT A VERY YOUNG AGE TO GET INTO A MULTIPLE TROUBLE ALL AT SAME TIME. Honestly, I will say I never really recovered, i failed one subject after another. failing probably more than 7 times in different subjects mostly medical related. not to mention failing my board exam already 2x in 2 years times. This particular situation must have been buried into the deep recesses of my psyche. This I because NOW WHEN I am trying to start to think to read my Anatomy book, I just stare into it the whole day and all i do is this without even browsing a page.I think that I shld start studying but nothing happens until the day has ended and the whole week ended.
    I am very concerned because I want to prepare myself but it seems my OWN psyche stops me because of the NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE I HAVE HAD WITH SCHOOLING probably causing me to have some kind of fear starting to read & study. I cannot just dismiss the fact that I struggled finishing a course for almost 13 years and TODAY STILL STRUGGLING.


    Dexter Panganiban Reply:

    @garnette lumjod,

    I will say a prayer for you and I know that in Jesus name alll negative thinking will gone. God Bless You Always.. YOu may put this prayer request in facebook group page..


    John Reply:

    @garnette lumjod,
    Always know that you have the mind of Christ (I cor 2:16), it (the mind of Christ) overcomes, it understands everything by the holy spirit. There is a spirit in you that could be inspired to greater things (Job 32:8). Don’t let your negative experience paint a failure picture for you. You are loved by God, and by many brethren.
    He never promised a battle free zone, but surely He promised victory and triumph (John 16:33)
    All the best dear
    God loves you.


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