Faithful One

Lazada Philippines

D                  Em/D
Faithful One, so unchanging
A/D                     G/D     D
Ageless One, You’re my rock of peace.
D                Em/D
Lord of all, I depend on You.

A             D/F#   G   A
I call out to You.
           D/F#   G   A
Again and again
              D/F#   G   A
I call out to You.
Again and again.

            A      G         D
You are my rock in times of trouble.
            A    G
You lift me up
when I fall down.
D    A      D    G
All through the storm
     D/F#  G     D/F#  G
your love is the anchor
   D/F#  G Bm  A    D
My hope is in you alone.

©1989 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by Brian Doerksen

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