Fix My Eyes

Lazada Philippines

Asus   A       E/A A
Fix my eyes on Jesus
Asus   A          E/A A
Fix my eyes on the Lamb

E       Asus  A  E/A  A
Oh, on you

E                   F#m
Never, never turn away
E                   Asus  A  E/A  A
Never, never turn away
E                    F#m  E   D
Never turn my eyes away from you

E               D
What we see is just a shadow
E                F#m
None of it will last
E                   D
Hidden things are things eternal
D               E    Asus  A  E/A  A
They will never pass

E                  D
Someday soon I’ll see the glory
E                 F#m
Coming from your face
E               D
On that day of revelation
D                 E     Asus  A  E/A  A
I, too, will be changed

©1994 Evanston Vineyard Music

Words and Music by John Willison

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