For The World | Laura Story

Lazada Philippines

Verse 1:

B                         E                B
Jesus Lord and King, you came to wash the feet

E                                     F#
of sinners such as me, and for the world

B                               E                B
You left your throne on high to calm creation’s cry

E                              F#             B
To suffer and to die for the world, for the world



         E     B      E     B
(We cry) Holy Jesus, lowly Jesus

E                           F#             B
Lamb that was slain for the world, for the world

Verse 2:

B                               E                B
You bled from pierced side for every tongue and tribe,

E                                   F#
With arms held open wide for the world

     B                                E                B
With one last breath to breathe, your final prayer and plea

E                               F#             B
Was pardon for me, and for the world, for the world


Verse 3:

B                           E                B
Oh, to know your heart; you bid me now to start

E                              F#             B
by asking on my knees for the world, for the world

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