For Your Glory

Lazada Philippines

         E                 B
You have broken me on the rock
         A             E
You have laid my soul open
         E                    B
With my heart exposed on the rock
      A                 E
I am grateful to be chosen

For your glory
       A     E
Your glory, Lord

You have shown me the truth
Of my self-centered soul
           E                 B
You have stopped my foolish ways
As you put to death
This body of flesh
     C#m                    B
You save me from a godless grave

          E               B
You have taken me to the cross
           A             E
Where new life to me is given
         E                  B
By your mercy shown at the cross
           A               E
With your Son my soul is risen

©1994 Evanston Vineyard Music

Words and Music by John Willison

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