Lazada Philippines

Father God
   B                Em   D   C    G/B    D
I need to know the truth of who I am in you
G              B            Em
Father God, I need to see myself
D     C       G/B        F/C C
In the same way that you see me
          F/C   C    G
Just as you see me

Am7        G/B           C    D/F#         G    Am7
There’s no need to pull away, even when I fail
    G/B             C                  D
For you will never turn your face from me
     G/B              C        D/F#          G    Am7
I’ve got to know the truth that I can run to you
         G/B           C                D
It’s for freedom that you have set me free

G                     B             Em
Father God, you’ve forgiven all my sins
D         C      G/B      D
There’s no need to repay you
G                    B                   Em
Father God, help me walk in what you’ve done
D         C          G/B        F   C
Your love, your grace, and your mercy
           F   C  G
Your great mercy

©1992 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by Craig & Phyllis Musseau

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