Give Me a New Heart

Lazada Philippines

G          D/F#       Em        D/E
Give me a new heart, this one is old.
C                Am7     Dsus    D
Tired, empty, and hard as stone.
G       D/F#    Em        D/E
I need a new heart, humble and meek,
C                Am7        Dsus    D
Thankful, trusting, not to proud to be weak.
   C      D/C Am7   D     G/B
A heart that knows I am nothing on my own.
       C D/C C/E     D/F#        Am7        Dsus    D
That in my  weak – ness Your power may be shown.
           G           D/F#     Em       
Last time:  Give me a new heart, one just like Yours.
D/E    C    Dsus         D      G
O     Lord, give me a new heart.

©1992 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by John Wyrosdick

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