Give Praise to Jesus

Lazada Philippines

D                        G
Give Praise to Jesus for He is the King
         D                    G
Let your voices ascend to His throne
       D                      G
On the wings of the music let your hearts be raised
       D                          G
And in one accord make His praise known

        Em   D    A   Em   D    A   Em   D    A         D  Dsus4  D
Singing Al – le – lu, Al – le – lu, Al – le – lu, Alleluia

D                      G
Lift up His banner and greet Him with praise
      D                  G
Our Deliverer has set us free
      D                        G
Bow before Him, adore Him, and worship His name
         D                 G
There is no other God like He

©1988 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music (ASCAP)(Admin. by Integrity Music, Inc.)

Words and Music by Robert Gay

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