Here I Am

Lazada Philippines

E    B C#m E7      A E  F#m  B7
Here I am, wholly available
E  G#7 A Am       E/B   B7  E
As for me, I will serve the Lord

E              B          C#m7
The fields are white unto harvest
    A      B7              E
But O, the lab’rers are so few,
E                B                C#m7
So Lord I give myself to help the reaping,
   A               B        E
To gather precious souls to You

The time is right in the nation
For works of power and authority;
God’s looking for a people who are willing,
To be counted in His glorious victory

As salt are we ready to savour,
In darkness are we ready to be light,
God’s seeking out a very special people,
To manifest His truth and His might

©1981 Sovereign Lifestyle Music, Ltd.
Words and Music By Chris A. Bowater

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