He’s changing me

Lazada Philippines

G               G7
He’s changing me
My precious Jesus
I’m not the same person
D         D7
That I used to be
G    G7
Sometimes it’s slow going
C         C7
But there’s a knowing
G       D7             G
That one day perfect I will be

Verse 1:
G                          G7
Little by little day by day
Little by little in ev’ry way
G                 D
Jesus is changing me
He’s changing me
G                            G7
Since I made a turnabout face
I’ve been growing in His grace
G        C   D    G
Jesus is changing me

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  1. jonathan Said,

    June 5, 2010 @ 7:46 pm

    i love tis song and its well chorded….praise God and God bless us all… and plis do pray 4 me….


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