Hide Me in the Shelter

Lazada Philippines

A            D     E         A
Under the shadow of your wings
              D        E          F#m
Here in the secret place of your holiness
         C#m            D                Esus E
I will wait on you, O Lord, my God and King
A             D     E     A
Here in the Holiest of All
                D         E      F#m
You draw me near with love to abandon all
           C#m             D               Esus E
For the sake of knowing you, my God and King

A               E                 F#m
Hide me in the shelter of your love
              C#m              D
Deep in the center of your heart, my Lord
       Asus A Asus A      G  Esus E
How I want to know you more
     A                E              F#m
And keep me in the shadow of your wings
             C#m             D
Safe in the secret place of holiness
        Asus A Asus  A     G  (Esus E)
How I need you more and more
                   Esus E
(And more and more)

A       E      F#m         C#m
Hide me, and keep me, O Lord
D               A        G             Esus       E
Safe in the secret place, safe in the secret place

©1994 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words by Scott Brenner and Cheryl Thomas
Music by Scott Brenner

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