Holiness Unto the Lord

(Verse 1)
G   D/F#  Em   Bm       C     Am       D
Ho – li – ness unto the Lord, unto the King
G   D/F#  Em   Bm        C    Am     G/D  D
Ho – li – ness unto your name I will sing

G             C G D  G      Em         Am   D
Holiness unto Jesus, holiness unto you Lord
G             C G D  G        D         C   G
Holiness unto Jesus, holiness unto you Lord

(Verse 2)
G D/F# Em  Bm           C    Am           D
I love you, I love your ways, I love your name
G D/F# Em  Bm         C   Am       G/D  D
I love you and all my days I’ll proclaim


©1989 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by Danny Daniels

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