HOLY GROUND (Standing On)

Lazada Philippines

(Acts 7:33)


Bb/C C F

In His presence

C/E Csus C

There is joy beyond measure,

Csus C Gm7 Bb/C

And at His feet peace of mind


Can still be found;

C/F F Cm7/F

And if you have a need,

F Eb/F F Bbm9 Bb9 Bbm7

I know He has every an – swer,

Bbm9(#7) Bbm6 Bbm/Db Bbm F/A

But, you’ve got to reach out and claim it,

Dm7 G7sus Gm7

For you are stand – ing

Bbm7/C C Fsus

On ho – ly ground


F Bb/C F Gm7 C/G F2/A F/A

We are standing

Bb F/A Gm7 C/G F2/A F/A

On holy ground,

Bb/C C/Bb Am7(b5)

And I know that there

D C/D D/C G2/B

Are angels all around;

Bbm F/A Gm7 C/G F2/A F/A

® Let us praise

Bb F/C C/Bb

Jesus now,

F/A Bb F/A Bb Gm7 F/C

®… We are standing in His presence,

BbM7 C Fsus F

On ho – ly ground

(Repeat Chorus )

(Repeat from ®, then ®… )

Album : Holy Ground

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