I BELIEVE ( Key Em )

Lazada Philippines

I BELIEVE    Intro: Em – C | D – Em |Em – C | Am – Em 2x
Verse 1:
Em                               C          D
    Now I know there’s a better way

Em                                 C          Am
    I love You more and more each day

Em                           C              D
    I put my faith in the One I love

Em                      C              Am
    And I believe in God above


G               D       Em            D      C
  I believe, I believe, I believe in the Son of God,

                 G          D          Am7 
            I’m alive in You Jesus

                  G         C                       G
    No one could ever save my soul….    but You

Em *play for 4 bars
C  *play for 4 bars

G                                               C
  Forever, forever, forever I praise Your name     *repeat times 4

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  1. Edris Said,

    May 8, 2011 @ 5:40 am

    Hello there! Can you please help me where can I find lyrics and chords of ZOE Group Songs?


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