I Extol You

Lazada Philippines

A          E/G#          G
Prince of Peace, Counselor,
        Bm7      Esus    E
Merciful, Son of God.
A        E/G#      G
Lord of Host, Conqueror,
            Bm7         D/E
Coming King and Everliving God.

I extol You,
Lord I extol You,
        Dmaj7           A/C#
You are high above the earth,
      Bm7         D/E    E
All creation shouts Your worth.
I extol You,
Lord I extol You,
   Bm7      E       D   A
My Jehovah, I extol You.


Words and Music by Jennifer Randolph

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  1. koreen Said,

    March 6, 2009 @ 4:53 am

    This is one of my favorite song when i was a teenager..It reminds me of my faith.I was an active member of my Baptist Church here in Mindanao but since I transferred to other place away from my church, I became a backslider..


    admin Reply:


    There is always hope.. And we as Christian should always seek God in our life. I pray that you could overcome the trials that made you back slide. In Jesus there is always hope


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