I Have a Priest

Lazada Philippines

C#m                      F#m
I have a priest with my name in his heart
A                      B
He has travelled this way
C#m                       F#m
He knows where all of my weaknesses are
A                      B
And I will praise his name forever

E A B                     E
Praise to the Lamb crucified
A B                    E
Raised to the Father’s side
A B                     C#m         F#m
Day will be dawning like none of the sun
                A              B       E
    when the Son comes from heaven again

His shoulders carry all my concerns
He has travelled this way
His care for me I could never return
But I will praise his name forever

D                      A             E
The curtain torn, the highway now is open
D                       A             B
The purchase price: a blameless body broken


©1995 Evanston Vineyard Music (ASCAP)(Admin. by John Willison)

Words and Music by John Willison

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  1. justin agmata Said,

    June 24, 2010 @ 9:30 am

    can i request an mp3 for this song cause i couldn’t find any mp3’s on the net, thanks.


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