I Lift Your Name

A                  Bm       E            A
Lord, my heart can grow, so far away and cold;
A                   Bm                E
And yet for me Your love is still the same
A               Bm      E               A
Lord, I bend my knee in awe and fear of Thee
A                     Bm                E
My head bowed down in rev’rence to Your name.

   A         D           E   C#m
I lift Your name, Your Holy name,
F#m     D     E
Jehovah God, Elohim
      A     D         E   C#m
The Great I Am, the Risen Lamb
   F#m   D   E   A
My Comforter and King.   
Lord, my heart’s desire is to be filled with the Spirit Fire,
My purpose is to worship You alone.
Open up my soul to worship and adore,
To be a fragrane offered to Your throne.


Words and Music by David Ruis

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  1. Eduardo Olazaran Said,

    August 21, 2010 @ 2:27 pm

    Where can I find the written or sound track music of the song I lift Your Name, Your Holy Name?? Please.


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