(Acts 2:28)    
                C     C/E                     Gsus  G             C   G/B
    I love to be   in Your pres – ence, Lord,
    Am7              C/F                  Gsus  G
    I love to be   with You;
                            Am                   Em7
    For when  I touch Your glory,
                  F         C/E           D7sus     D7
    Your Spirit restores    me,
        Dm7           Em7          D/F#
    I love to be     with You,
                    Dm7         Gsus  G       C
    Lord, I love to be     with You.


Verse 1:        
    FM7                     G/A          Am
    All my fears disappear
          Bb2                                   F2    Dm7 – Em7 
    Whenever I’m with You;
            FM7                       G/A                        Am
    Ev’ry care becomes a prayer
             Dm7                          Gsus   G
    That I can leave with You.
                             (Repeat Chorus)      

Verse 2:
    FM7                G/A             Am
    I  exchange all my pain
                      Bb2                                       F2    Dm7 
    And You give me perfect peace;
    Em7    FM7                             G/A                  Am
    Your steadfast love is like a flood
                 Dm7                  Gsus   G
    That washes over me.

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