I Need You to Hold Me

Lazada Philippines

E  A             E
I need you to hold me
        D           Bsus B
Like my daddy never could
E     A              E
And I need you to show me
                     A            Bsus B
How resting in you arms can be so good

    A                B
Oh hold me, hold me Father
E             A
Never let me go
                B              E
Hold me tight, hold me closer still
      A                  B
‘Cuz you’ve been only kind to me
    C#m                A             Bsus B
And in your arms is where I need to be

E   A            E
I need you to walk with me
         A                 Bsus B
Hand in hand we’ll run and play
    E   A            E
And I need you to talk to me
           A         Bsus B
Tell me again you’ll stay

©1991 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Mercy / Vineyard Publishing)


Words and Music by Brenda LeFave

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