I Want to Know You

Lazada Philippines

C2          G/B
I want to know you,
C2               G/B
Lord I must know you.
F/A              C/G       G2
I want to be found in you,
F/A          C/G             G2         F
I want to be clothed in your truth.
      C/E       F
I want to know you,
      C/E        F   
I want to love you,
          C/E  F   G
I want to know you more,
C F 

So I fix my eyes on you,
Lord I must see you.
I put my faith in you,
I spend my life on you.


©1990 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)

Words and Music by Brian Doerksen & Cindy Rethmeier

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