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(Psalm 61:4)

Verse 1:

Gm7/C F Gm F C/E

I will enter Your gates

C Dm C Bb

Filled with thanksgiving,

Gm7 C Dm

And here in Your courts

Bb/F- F C/F F

I of – fer You praise;


I am drawn by Your love

C – Dm C Bb

In – to Your presence,

Gm7 C Dm7 Gm7 C F Longing to worship You, face to face.


Gm11 F/A

I will abide,

Bb C

I will stay with You;

Gm11 F/A Bb C F

Abide, I’ll remain with You,

Dm7 A m7

In the shadow of Your wings,

Bb F C/F F

My spirit will hide.

Gm11 F/A

I will abide,

Bb C

Here, where I belong,

Gm11 F/A Bb C Dm

Abide, where my heart grows strong;

Gm7 C D m7

In Your wonderful presence, Lord,

Gm7 Bb/C C F

I, I will abide.

(Repeat Chorus)

I will abide.

Album : King of Ages

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