I Will Lift My Hands

Lazada Philippines

I will worship You, (I will worship You)
C           Fmaj7 G
Worship and adore You.
I will worship You (I will worship You,)
C           Fmaj7  G
Lay my life before You.
     F         G
I’ll bow my head before Your glory,
F              C
Worship at Your feet,
    F                 G
And I’ll declare that You are worthy,
     F              G
I’ll set my eyes on You alone and

C           Em7
I will lift my hands to You,
       F               G        Am7  G/B
Saying "Father I love You, Father I need You."
C           Em7
I will lift my voice and sing,
       F                       G           C
I will sing of Your glory, the glory of my King.


©1996 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by Bruce Ellis

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