I Worship You

Lazada Philippines

  C           D/F#       Em7        Em7/D
I give You   all    the honour,
       C6           Am7       D        Dsus
And praise that’s due Your Name.
        G         D/F#     Em7    Em7/D
For You are the King of Glory,
    C6     Am7         D7sus
The Creator       of all things.

        C       G
    And I worship You,
             C       Em7  D/E  Em7
    I give my life to You,
      C   G/B  Am7                D        D7sus
    I fall               down on my knees.
        C       G
    Yes I worship You,
             C         Em7  D/E  Em7
    I give my life to You,
      C   G/B  Am7              D        D7sus
    I fall              down on my knees.
                   Am7 G
    (Last time: I worship You.     )

As Your Spirit moves upon me now,
You meet my deepest need,
And I lift my hands up to Your throne,
Your mercy I’ve received.

You have broken chains that bound me,
You’ve set this captive free.
I will lift my voice to praise Your name,
For all eternity.


©1982 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)

Words and Music by Carl Tuttle

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