Intro: A – G – A – G

Verse 1:


I behold Your power and glory


Bring an offering

G Em7

Come before You

D/F# G

Wor – ship You Lord

Em& D/F# A

In the beauty of Your holi – ness


A D G2

Whenever I call

You’re there

Dm7 A/C#

Redeemer and friend

D G2

Cherished beyond all words

Bm7 A/C#

This love never ends

D F2

Morning by morning

BbM7 C D

Your mercy awakens my soul


I lift up my eyes to see

Gm7 A/C#

The wonders of hea – ven

D G2

Opening over me

Bm7 A/C#

Your goodness abounds

D F2

You’ve taken my breath away

BbM7 C D

With Your irresistible love

(Repeat Chorus)


Album: You Are My World

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