Jesus Alone

Lazada Philippines

A           D/A          F#m    Esus E    D  (E/D D)
Father, open up our eyes to see Jesus alone
A               D/A         F#m           Esus E     D
Spirit, give us ears to hear the words of Jesus alone
            Bm7         A  E/G# E      A Bm7
For we have put out hope in mortal man
             A/D          E
But we will turn back to you

A                         E
Lord, we fix our eyes on you
        Bm7          A/C#    D            A/C#
You are head of the Church, Chief Cornerstone
    D        A/E E
The Only Foundation
A                          E
Lord, we fix our eyes on you
            Bm7       A/C#    D            A/C#
You’re the Mighty Commander, King of all Kings
D       A/E  E   A
Lord of Glory

Jesus, there is no one else full of wisdom and grace
Jesus, there is no one else
Who could ever take your place
For we have put our hope in mortal man
But we will turn back to you

A                                     G     D
You will lead the armies of God on a white horse
Your eyes are blazing like fire
     G      D/F# G    D/F#        A
The Word of God, Faithful and True


©1992 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by Brian Doerksen and Craig Musseau

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