(Psalm 19:13,14)

F C/F Bb Bb2/C

Keep back Your servant from presumptuous sins

F C/F Eb Bb/D

Let them not have dominion over me

F/A C/G Eb Bb/D

Then shall I be upright and innocent

Gm7 C

From great transgression


Let the words

BbM7/C C

Of my mouth


And the meditation

Bbm7/C C

Of my heart


Be acceptable

BbM7/C C F

In Your sight, O Lord

(Repeat All)

(Repeat 2nd part)


(Psalm 55:22, Psalm 55:16,17)


Eb AbM7 Fm/Ab Bb

Cast thy bur – den upon the Lord

Ab/Eb Eb Bb/D

And He shall sustain thee

Cm Fm/Ab

He shall never suffer the righteous

Fm7/Bb Eb

To be moved

Ab2 Eb2/G Cm7 Ab Ab/Eb Eb Ebsus/F Eb/G

As for me, I will call upon God

Ab2 Eb2/G Cm7 Ab Ab/Bb Bb Ab/Bb Bb

And the Lord will save me


Eb Eb/G Ebsus/Ab Ab2/C

Evening and morn – ing

Eb Ebsus/Ab

And at noon will I pray

AbM7 Bb

And cry aloud


He shall hear my voice

Ab Bb Eb

He shall hear my voice

Album : Trust in the Lord , Released 1994 by Integrity/Hosanna! Music

Performed by : Don Moen

Genre : Contemporary Christian

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