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The temple was finished

King Solomon prayed

The people came to see

Was God pleased with this place

Then fire fell from Heaven

The priest could not go in

God’s glory was more

Than they could stand

God’s glory was more

Than they could stand


Lord may Your glory

Fill this temple here

Today as You did then

May Your presence be

More than we can stand

Lord may Your glory fill

This temple as we

Gather in Your name

May your glory

Fill this place


This place is more than

Brick and stone

This place will become a home

This place is for the

Brokenhearted everywhere

A place that they will find someone

Who cares

Lord in this place

Believers will agree

In this place

We’ll stand in unity

In this place

As we gather around Your Throne

Lord come and make this place

Make it Your home

(Repeat Chorus 2 times)

Lord let Your glory

Fill this place


Album: Sing Out

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