Lost in Love

Lazada Philippines

E             B
Manifest your love in me,
C#m              G#m
by your presence let me see
A               E
Fatherless I’ll never be,
F#m             B
when I am with you
E                    B
Bring the love that casts out fear,
C#m        G#m
melodies I long to hear
A            E
Only you can dry my tears,
F#m             B
when I am with you

    E             A               B
Oh Lord, when I am with you it’s easy
E         A        B
I can’t deny your love
E                A       B
My heart is laid open before you
A      G#m7     F#m     B        A    E
When I am with you, I’m lost in love

I am lost within your love,
when your voice comes like a dove
I can feel your gentle touch,
when I am with you
When I am with you I know,
you will stay and never go
All your love you freely show
when I am with you


©1991 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by John Barnett

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