Lover of My Soul

Lazada Philippines


(verse 1)
     Dsus                 D
When living here has caused me pain
         Dsus               D
Things I just don’t understand
  Dsus                 D
I must recount your faithfulness
        Dsus              D
And the mercy of your hand

(bridge – after each verse)
     Dsus             D
When everything is said and done
            Dsus              D
And there’s nothing left to say
     Dsus                 D
The cross of Christ is proof enough
       Dsus  D             G             Dsus D Dsus D
You are good, you are good, you are good
(to chorus)

(verse 2)
Your mercy Lord has pierced my heart
It brings me to my knees
In reverent fear I’ll trust your ways
And worship at your feet

            C       G     D
You’re the lover of my soul
            C       G        D
You’re the keeper of my heart
      C                 G               D
And I know that you’re standing here, oh Lord
        C         G            D
We will never, no never be apart

Dsus  D           Dsus    D
Oh to be the friend of God
         Dsus  D         Dsus    D
How sweet to be the friend of God


©1994 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by David Ruis

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