Maker Of The Heavens

Lazada Philippines

Am          Em       Am             Em7
Maker of the heavens, painter of the sky,
     Fmaj7    F6     B7/F#               E
Your greatest work reserved, for such as I,
    Am             Em              Am               Em7
The angels long to sing about, the gift You gave to me.
    Fmaj7           B7/F#            E
The love of God so unrestrained and free.

Am      Fmaj7         G               Cmaj7
You, Oh Lord, are the fragrance of my praise,
    Fmaj7              Esus   E7      Am
The finest words could never bare my heart,
        Fmaj7          G          Cmaj7
You, Oh Lord, are the essence of praise,
  Fmaj7            Esus  E7  Asus
I treasure You for who  You  are.

Maker of the heavens, painter of the sky,
The day will come, when I will see Your face,
I’ve loved You since, I’ve known You
And I have grown to love You more
Each day, my heart sails further from the shore.


Words and Music by Jennifer Randolph

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