(Psalm 130:6)


Bb F

More of Your glory

C Dm

More of Your power

Bb F C F/C C

More of Your Spirit in me

Bb F

Speak to my heart

C Dm

And change my life

Bb F/C C F Bb/F F

Manifest Yourself in me


C/D Dm C/D Dm

(Lord) it’s been a long time

Bb Gm7 F/G Gm

You have stayed on my mind

C/D Dm

And there’s a stirring in my soul

Gm F

That causes me to know

Dm Csus C F/A

How much I need You

(Repeat Chorus and Verse)

(Repeat Chorus)


C/D – Dm C/D – Dm

Send Your glo – ry (echo)

Bb6 – Gm7 F/G – Gm7

Send Your pow – er (echo)

C/D – Dm C/D – Dm

Send Your Spir – it (echo)

Bb6 – Gm7 F

Come and change me (echo)

(Repeat Bridge 2 times)

(Repeat Chorus 2 times)


Album: Revival at Brownsville

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