Only You

Lazada Philippines

G          G2            D           C              G      C/D
No one but You Lord, can satisfy the longing in my heart.
G         G2          D                  C            D  G
Nothing I do Lord can take the place of drawing near to You.

G D/F# Em      C               D
Only   You, can fill my deepest longing.
G D/F# Em       C                  D
Only   You, can breathe in me new life,
G D/F# Em       C                     D
Only   You, can fill my heart with laughter,
G D/F# Em       C         D           G
Only   You, can answer my heart’s cry.

G         G2               D         C             G      C/D
Father, I love You, come satisfy the longing in my heart.
G          G2           D                  C          D   G
Fill me, overwhelm me, until I know Your love deep in my heart.

©1988 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (Admin. by Music Services)


Words and Music by Andy Park

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