Our Prayer

Lazada Philippines

Em             C             D
Lord come and give us your power
              G            C           D
So that your name will be feared in ev’ry nation
Em     C           D
Let us do your works
        G         C        D
Let us boldly speak your holy word

Em            C        D
Lord come and make us pure
                   G  C     D
That we would be found without spot or stain
Em         C          D
We will be ready to meet you
         G        C             D
We will dress ourselves in the finest linen
     G            C           D
The righteous acts of the ones who love you

C    G    D Em
Hear us, oh Lord
C       G    D       Em   D
Breathe life in your church
C     G     D   Em
Come dwell with us
C           G    D           Em D C
You are our God, we are your people

Em            C         D
Lord come and make us one
             G            C        D
So that the world will know the Father’s love
   Em              C          D
As Jesus and the Father are one
         G   C        D
May we unite in the fullness of Christ

Em         C            D
Lord our desire is to know you
               G      C        D
And we want to stay close to you
       Em             C          D
Let us follow you wherever you go
              G              C
Don’t let us stray from the Spirit’s call
           G    C           D
Let us be known as the friends of God


©1991 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by Craig Musseau

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