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(1 Chronicles 29:11)

Intro: Esus – E (3x) Esus

Verse I:

E (G)

Over all in the heavens,

Over all earthly dominions;

Over ev’ry pow’r

E/G# A (G/B – C)

And prin – ci – pal – i – ty,

E (G) B7 (D7) E Esus (G to chorus)

O, Christ rules over all.

Verse II:

E (A)

Over all earthly nations,

Over all the heavenly hosts;

Over land and sea

E/G# A (A/C# – D)

And all cre – a – tion,

E (A) B7(E7) E C (A A/C# – Asus/D to coda)

Christ rules over all.

Verse III:


Over all that is invisible,

Over all that’s visible;

Over all that was

F/A Bb

And is to come,

F C7 F D

O, Christ rules over all.

Verse IV:

G (A)

Over all our endeavors,

Over all He’s called us to do;

Over all the Body,

G/B (A/C#) C (D)

His glo – rious Church,

G (A) D7 (E7) G (A Asus/D to II)

O, Christ rules over all.



He is the First Born


Of creation,

Gsus/C G

By Him all things exist;


He is the first One


At resurrection

Am7 C2 (1. G/D Dsus D —– )

Christ is pre – em – i – nent

(2. Dsus Esus —–)

(Repeat I @ G)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat VI & II @ A )


A E7 A A/C# – Asus/D

O, Christ rules over all.

A E7 Asus/D

Jesus Christ rules over all,

D/E A ———– (fine)

O – ver all.


Album: Mission of Praise

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