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D               G      D  A7 D
Rejoice, rejoice, Christ is in you
    Bm7           Em7    A
The hope of glory in our hearts
    D                   G       D A7 D
He lives! He lives! His breath is in you
Bm7            Em7  A    D      Dmaj7 Em7 Dmaj7 D Dmaj7 Em7 D Dmaj7 D
Arise a mighty army, we arise!
A                         Bm
Now is the time for us to march upon the land,
         G             A                  D
Into our hands He will give the ground we claim.
A                      Bm
He rides in majesty to lead us into victory,
G              Bm                 Em7       Asus4  A
The word shall see that Christ is Lord!!!!……..*

God is at work in us His purpose to perform,
Building a Kingdom of power not of words.
Where things impossible by faith shall be made possible,
Let’s give the glory to Him now…..*

Tho’ we are week, HIs grace is everything we need;
We’re made of clay but this treasure is within.
He turns our weaknesses into His opportunities,
So that the glory goes to Him…..*


Words and Music by Graham Kendrick

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